DECLARATION Of Rabta Madaris Meeting 12-03-2018


All India General Meeting of Rabta Madaris Darul Uloom Deoband

Dated: 23 Jumad II 1439 / 12 March 2018 in Darul Uloom Deoband

This important meeting of Rabta Madaris General Body hereby wants to divert the attention of madrasa authorities towards the negative policies of the Government and the sinister propaganda of anti-Islamic elements against madrasas, which is though continuing for long time but the situation has worsened during past days with these elements coming into power. The madrasas and the innocent students were long said to be associated with terrorism, but now they are demanded by some state governments to sing songs having polytheistic contents, while in some states the madrasas are asked to remain open on Fridays or Friday prayer timing was limited and madrasas were treated like schools. In some states, the governments rather have in fact opened ways to interfere the syllabus of madrasas.

Such negative instances and steps have endangered the very existence of madrasa and their independent role. In this background, the meeting requests all madrasa authorities to study the situation very carefully and pay their attention to the following points:

(1)   To fortify the madrasas from legal point, keep the madrasa property documents perfectly managed, get the madrasa registered and let no loophole to allow any government interference.

(2)   To improve the internal system, introduce Shura institution, keep the accounts and financial transactions transparent and duly audited.

(3)   To keep the madrasas free from any government aid.

(4)   To keep watch on the visitors of madrasas and be vigilant towards the strangers even to the extent of a donation made by a stranger.

(5)   To bridge the gap between Muslims and the non-Muslim brethren and strive to introduce the fantastic role of madrasas among them.

(6)   To pay no negligence towards the reformation of the community.

(7)   To stay cooperative to other madrasas and put an end to all rivalries and dissents.

(8)   To manage all madrasa affairs in the light of Shari’ah principles and pay due attention to self-reformation and repentance to Allah.

Moreover, this meeting very emphatically demands the state and central governments to recognize the bright role of madras, roll back all negative policies regarding madrasas and put an end to the series of harassments leveled against madrasas, Ulama and the students under various pretences. The madrasas have a matchless history of sacrifices in the freedom struggle of India and have played important role in producing peace-loving citizens and maintaining national solidarity and coexistence. Tarnishing the image of madrasas will in fact amount to betray the nation and its interests. The government and the non-Muslim brothers should not neglect the fact that the anti-madrasa propaganda is the mission of foreign powers who are bent not only to inflicts harms to Islam and Muslims, rather they are undermining the security of our country; therefore empowering their unholy mission will in no way will be in the interest of the country.

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