For detailed information about Admission, please visit Rules of Admission




·         The foreign students wishing to get admission in Darul Uloom have to take Study Visa of one year from Indian embassy of their country for studying in Darul Uloom. It is to be noted that no admission can be grated on the basis of a tourist visa.


·         In order to help students to obtain visa, Darul Uloom can only issue ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC). For getting an NOC, the candidates are required to provide at least these details: (1) Name with Father’s Name (2) Full Postal Address (3) Passport Copy (4) Tazkira (for Afghan Nationals) and (5) Class of Admission in Darul Uloom Deoband.


·         It is to be noted that foreign students can be enrolled only in Arabic 6th, Arabic 7th and Dawrah (8th) Classes. No admission can be granted from 1st to 5th Arabic Classes. Moreover, all Indian and non-Indian candidates shall have to appear in Admission Test scheduled in early days of Shawwal. All the students (Indian and foreign) shall have to submit Character Certificate and Leaving Certificate of the previous Madrasa.


·         The medium of instruction in Darul Uloom is Urdu language; therefore if the foreign students learn a little bit Urdu it would be better for them.


·         Darul Uloom provides free education, accommodation and food. Darul Uloom receives no kind of charges or fees from the students.


·         The students from Bangladesh, along with educational visa, must come with Letter certified by Maulana Qari Abdul Khaliq (Jamia Hussainia, Arzabad, Mirpur, Dhaka) or Maulana Noor Hussain Qasmi (Madrasa Baridhara, Dhaka).


·         Photocopy of the necessary documents and testimonies will have to be submitted with the application for participation in the admission test while the original copies should be shown at the time of receiving Admission Form.


·         There is no distance or online course available in Darul Uloom Deoband.


Courses Offered by Darul Uloom Deoband


(1)               Fazilat Course (First Arabic Class to Dawrah), 8 Years


(The new students can join this course only, while the rest courses (2-17) are for those who complete Dawrah Class and fulfil required criteria.)


(2)               Tadrib fi al-Tadris (Teachers Training Course), 2 Years

(3)               Takmil Tafseer (Specialization in Quranic Exegesis), 1 Year 

(4)               Takhassus fi al-Hadith (Specialization in Hadith), 2 Years

(5)               Takmil Ifta (Specialization in Jurisprudence - Fiqh), 1 Year

(6)               Tadreeb fil Ifta (Higher Specialization in Fiqh), 2 Years

(7)               Takmil Uloom (Specialization in Islamic Sciences), 1 Year

(8)               Takmil Adab (Specialization in Arabic Literature), 1 Year

(9)               Takhassus fil Adab (Higher Specialization in Arabic), 2 Years

(10)           Tadreeb al-Mu’allimin (Teachers’ Training Course), 2 Years

(11)           Advanced Diploma in English Language & Literature. 2 Years

(12)           Diploma in Journalism, 1 Year

(13)           Diploma in Computer Application, 1 Year

(14)           Tahaffuz-e-Khatm-e Nabuwwat,  1 Year

(15)           Tahaffuz-e-Sunnat (Study of Ghair Muqallidiyat), 1 Year

(16)           Radd-e-Isaiyat (Study of Christianity), 1 Year

(17)           Muhadhraat (Lectures on comparative study of sects & religions)


Some Other Courses

(18)           Khushkhati (Calligraphy), 1 Year

(19)           Darus Sana'ie (Handicraft), 1 Year

(20)           Hifz (memorization of the Quran) & Nazirah

(21)           Urdu Hafs (Tajweed – Recitation of the Quran), 2 Years

(22)           Arabic Hafs (Tajweed), 2 Years

(23)           Qirat Sab’a (Tajweed), 1 Year

(24)           QiratAshra (Tajweed) 1 Year

(25)           Deeniyat & Persian (Primary) 5 Years


Faculty of Education (Ta’leemat)

Darul Uloom Deoband, India